Thailand | Thai Ombudsman and the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan signed Memorandum of Cooperation

On 13 November 2018, General Viddhavat Rajatanun, Ombudsman for Chief Ombudsman of the Kingdom of Thailand and Mr. Masatoshi Ishida, Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan, signed the Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) in order to form the institutional cooperation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, in Tokyo, Japan.

The objectives of the MOC are to affirm the determination to promote cooperation between the two organisations in the field of Ombudsmanship, handling complaints and other duties pertaining to tasks and purposes of each side, to establish and strengthen cooperation in order to improve their capacity for handling complaint as well as to contribute to the enhancement of good governance.  

This MOC marks a significant step for the closer collaboration between both Ombudsman institutions in redressing people’s grievance through complaint handling and investigation, fostering the exchange of knowledge and best practices as well as increasing the efficiency of investigation processes so that each side can replicate lesson learned to his own context.

On this occasion, the policy meeting between Thai Ombudsman delegation and the Administrative Evaluation Bureau (AEB) (so-called Ombudsman of Japan), Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications was held to exchange views and opinions on how to implement subsequently the areas of this cooperation.


Source: International Affairs Bureau, Office of the Ombudsman, Thailand

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