On 17 – 18 April2019 the Protector of Citizens of the Republic of Serbia, Mr Zoran Pašalić, paid a visit to the Austrian Ombudsman Board. Ombudsman Pašalić was accompanied by the Head of the Serbian NPM Section, the Serbian advisor on “Urgent Actions” and other staff members from the office. The delegation was welcomed in Vienna by Ombudswoman Gertrude Brinek and Ombudsman Günther Kräuter.
The Queensland Ombudsman’s report on “The Sunshine Coast Regional Council regulatory enforcement report: An investigation of actions taken by Sunshine Coast Regional Council in response to complaints about power boat noise” was published under the authority of the Speaker of the Queensland Parliament.
Defensores del Pueblo del país se reunieron con autoridades de la Secretaría de Viviendas de la Nación. El defensor del Pueblo de la provincia de Santa Fe, Raúl Lamberto, fue uno de los que participaron de la reunión. Conformarán una mesa de diálogo para evaluar posibles soluciones.
In October 2015, the Control Yuan (CY) voted in favor of impeaching a Taipei High Administrative Court judge for sexual harassment against an office assistant. In making its decision, the CY stated that the judge had tarnished the public’s respect for a court judge’s position; his conduct was unsuited to the role of a judge. The CY then sent the case to the Judicial Yuan’s Court of the Judiciary for trial.
The director of the “Dzorak” mental health care centre has been strictly reprimanded by the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs for his improper performance. The reprimand was based on the shortcomings and violations recorded by the Human Rights Defender during a monitoring visit conducted in the mentioned centre.
Victorians have had their licences wrongly suspended or been treated as if they are liable for fines when they have committed no offence, due to Fines Victoria’s errors and delays, the Victorian Ombudsman has found.
On behalf of the Hungarian Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights as a National Human Rights Institution, Anna Martinez-Zemplén attended the Geneva-based regional forum of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe, which was aimed at creating an opportunity for a direct, personal exchange of experience and best practices related to the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations, as well as the discussion of challenges.
Técnicos del Mecanismo Nacional de Prevención de la Tortura, que depende de la ONU, con la adjunta del Diputado del Común, Milagros Fuentes, visitaron los centros penitenciarios de La Palma y Tenerife 
En el marco del “ciclo de cine en la cárcel” organizado por la Procuración Penitenciaria de la Nación (PPN), el INCAA, la Academia de las Artes y Ciencias Cinematográficas de la Argentina, el SPF y la Dirección de Readaptación Social del Ministerio de Justicia, se proyectó la película “4x4” en el Complejo Penitenciario Federal I.    
On 15 March 2019, the “Principles on the Protection and Promotion of the Ombudsman Institution”, (“The Venice Principles”) were adopted by the Venice Commission. A translation of the text into Italian has been made available by the Office of the Ombudsman of the Autonomous Province of Trento a (Italy).