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Victorians have had their licences wrongly suspended or been treated as if they are liable for fines when they have committed no offence, due to Fines Victoria’s errors and delays, the Victorian Ombudsman has found.
The Ombudsman in conjunction with the Commonwealth Secretariat recently held roundtable discussions on equality and inclusion understood in the context of sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRH) in Namibia. The discussions also included the context of sexual orientation and gender identity in Namibia. The week-long discussions saw stakeholders from the Education, civil society; NGOs, government and other sectors share their experiences and challenges pertaining to the two issues at hand.
Chaque année, le Collège des médiateurs présente son rapport à la Chambre des représentants, au Ministre des Pensions et au Comité consultatif pour le secteur des Pensions. Le rapport annuel de l'année 2018 a été publiée sur le site Internet du Collège des médiateur pour les pensions.