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Ombudsmen Globally

The IOI Board of Directors welcomes Hong Kong Ombudsman Connie Lau and Mr Asad Ashraf Malik, Provincial Ombudsman Sindh (Pakistan) who have been elected by its regional representatives in August 2015.
On 18 August Judge Boshier was appointed as Chief Ombudsman of New Zealand. He will succeed Dame Beverley Wakem and take up that role and terminate his position as Law Commissioner on 10 December this year.
The July bulletin reflects important activities of the Public Defender and his office. You will learn about the Public Defender’s annual report presented to the Parliament, where Ucha Nanuashvili talked about the situation of human rights in the country and answered the MP’s questions. As per the Parliament’s decree, the Human Rights Committee will monitor implementation of the recommendations included in the Public Defender’s report.