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The 12th World Conference and General Assembly of the International Ombudsman Institute will be hosted by the Office of the Ombudsman of Ireland and held in Dublin, Ireland between 17 and 22 May 2020. Save the date! The IOI is looking forward to an active participation!
The 10th Biennial Caribbean Ombudsman Association (CAROA) Conference concluded on Wednesday at the Fairmont Southampton Resort in Bermuda. The Ombudsman for Bermuda, Victoria Pearman, and her colleagues from the region will be in training sessions with Dr. Victor Ayeni for the remainder of the week.
The Ombudsman serves Parliament and Western Australians by resolving complaints about the decision making of public authorities and improving the standard of public administration. The Ombudsman is an officer of the Parliament, independent of the government of the day and acts impartially of all parties in dispute.