The Office of the State Comptroller and Ombudsman of Israel has adopted innovative measures for accumulating data and sharing it with the public.
Dentro de la XXXX edición de los Cursos de Verano de la UPV/EHU, el Ararteko ha organizado un curso titulado "Instrumentos para avanzar hacia una administración más cercana a la ciudadanía".
Les hacemos llegar el 36. Reporte Semanal de “Derechos Humanos en Perspectiva Internacional” elaborado por el Programa de Observación y Asistencia para el Fortalecimiento de las Defensorías del Pueblo, que forma parte de la Unidad de Política Institucional de la Defensoría del Pueblo de la Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires (Argentina).
On 27 May 2021 the Kyiv International Forum on Roma Inclusion was held at the initiative of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova. Based on the results of the Kyiv International Forum, it was decided to publish an Almanac, which will be published quarterly. The first issue dedicated to the Forum is now available.
The Ombudsman has been faced with a growing number of complaints in relation to significant delays in attribution of pre-natal family allowance, as well as in the initial attribution or reassessment of the income bracket of the family allowance for children and young people.
The Commissioner for Administration and the Protection of Human Rights (Ombudsman) of Cyprus issued a statement regarding the measures taken to combat the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) and their compatibility with human rights law. The statement was deemed necessary because a number of citizens had reached out to the Ombudsman complaining about the measures and claiming that they violate their fundamental rights.
During COVID-19, NHRIs have played a vital role to support national health responses, as well as defend those most at risk of human rights violations. In the face of hard lockdowns and other restrictions, they have been strong advocates for the rule of law.
The Office of the Ombudsman Malawi has a new Ombudsman with effect from 1 September 2021 and her name is Ms Grace Tikambenji Malera.
La Procuración Penitenciaria de la Nación presenta un nuevo reporte estadístico con información actualizada a fin de agosto de 2021 sobre la situación de las personas privadas de la libertad en el marco de la actual emergencia sanitaria.
The country is in the worst epidemiological situation, due to which dozens of people die every day. In the current situation, accelerating vaccination is essential to save the lives of our citizens. Recently, many citizens and organizations have addressed the Public Defender's Office with questions about whether they violate the rights of a person when they request to present a vaccination document in labour relations, services, health care, education or other areas and whether such a practice is discriminatory.