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EN: The IOI Board of Directors has decided that the 12th World Conference and General Assembly will be held online.  

FR: Le Conseil d’administration de l’IIO a décidé de transformer la 12e Conférence mondiale et l’Assemblée générale de l’IIO en événements en ligne.

ES: La Junta Directiva del IIO decidió realizar la 12ª Conferencia Mundial y Asamblea General del IIO por medios electrónicos.

Ombudsman staff who investigate complaints often say the hardest part of the job is handling the behaviour of some of the people who use their services. They may be angry, frustrated, or distressed; occasionally, they even may demonstrate threatening behaviour. Issue 6 of the IOI’s Best Practice Paper series provides guidance to help complaint handlers deal with such challenging behaviour and improve their service. 
The African Ombudsman Research Centre (AORC) in cooperation with the IOI is hosting a factilitated Zoom discussion on the Optional Protocol to The Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) and what it means in relation to the Ombudsman and its mandate of visiting places of detention. The webinar will be held on 20 April 2021 and registration is now open.