Thailand | Ombudsman of Thailand welcomes ACRC Korea for implementation of bilateral MOU

During 20 – 21 November 2018, General Viddhavat Rajatanun, Chief Ombudsman of Thailand, and Mr. Boon Tapanadul, Ombudsman, as well as Mr. Raksagecha Chaechai, Secretary-General of the Office of the Ombudsman and executives, welcomed the delegation from the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) of the Republic of Korea, led by Mr. Kwon Kunsang, Director-General of the Ombudsman Bureau. 

On 20 November 2018, the ACRC delegation paid a courtesy call to the Thai Ombudsman and attended a Policy Meeting under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on Bilateral Cooperation between the two organizations hosted by the Secretary-General of the Office of the Ombudsman of Thailand.

Both Parties had an opportunity to discuss policies on cooperation under the MOU, share information on an alleviation of grievances and difficulties of both countries’ nationals residing in each Party’s country, and exchange best practices and achievements of both organizations.

On 21 November 2018, the Secretary-General of the Office of the Ombudsman of Thailand led the ACRC delegation to an on-site investigation on a complaint case, regarding garbage pit problem, settled by the Thai Ombudsman in Samut Prakan Province, Bangkok Metropolitan Region. Apart from sharing knowledge and experience on Thai Ombudsman’s success in redressing the problem, both delegations exchanged information on waste management of both countries broadening their working approach in alleviation of related grievances.

As a result of the 2-day event, both Parties had an opportunity to strengthen their cooperative ties by sharing policies for bilateral cooperation and information of grievance alleviation of both countries, and exchanging knowledge and experience on best practices and achievements of both organizations.

The MOU between the Thai Ombudsman and the ACRC was firstly established in 2011 with the objectives to strengthen institutional cooperative frameworks including protection of citizens of both Parties’ countries, improvement of complaint handling systems, and exchange of knowledge and best practices.  With concrete outcome reflected through initiatives and projects, both organizations agreed to renew the second phase and the third phase of the MOU in 2014 and 2018, respectively.  The current MOU has an effective period of five years, until 2024.


Source: Office of the Ombudsman, Thailand


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