ARMENIA | Concept document on combating criminal subculture in penitentiary institutions

The Human Rights Defender published a Concept document on Combating Criminal Subculture in Penitentiary Institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice in the form of an ad hoc thematic report.

The Criminal Subculture (informal prison hierarchy) in Penitentiary Institutions and its impact on the relations between persons deprived of liberty and on the penitentiary system have been comprehensively reviewed and monitored by using special tools and criteria.

The Concept is aimed at identifying possible ways to exclude favorable conditions for criminal subculture in these institutions, minimize the impact of criminal subculture and prevent it from spreading, to present complex proposals for the solution of problems.

The Concept document and its underlying studies refer to the following key problems:

1) deprivation of liberty as an exceptional measure;

2) staffing in the penitentiary system, adequate social and other guarantees of penitentiary servants;

3) rehabilitation of persons deprived of liberty;

4) education and meaningful activities of persons deprived of liberty;

5) conditions of detention in penitentiary institutions.


In order to achieve the pursued goals, the Report contains practical and legislative comprehensive and measurable proposals that require direct solutions.

Formulated proposals have a high level of development and may have immediate application.

The Ministry of Justice has already committed to start discussions and take measures for its implementation. An action plan is to be adopted.

The Concept has been elaborated in cooperation with the Civil Society Institute and International Penal Reform International non-governmental organizations.


Source: Human Rights Defender, Armenia


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