AUSTRALIA | The Commonwealth Ombudsman published Access All Areas: Monitoring Places of Detention 2022-23 report

On 21 May 2024, the Commonwealth Ombudsman Mr Iain Anderson, in his role as the Commonwealth National Preventive Mechanism (NPM), published Access All Areas: Monitoring Places of Detention 2022-23.

The report makes 12 recommendations to the Department of Home Affairs to make systemic improvements to how people are treated in immigration detention.

Recommendations are aimed at:

  • improving the detention network infrastructure so that people in detention can
  • maintain contact with family and other community and cultural supports
  • ensuring women and transgender individuals can be safely accommodated
  • preventing criminal activities and addressing substance misuse in detention centres
  • improving access to fresh air for those held in isolation, and
  • stopping the use of excessive force against people in detention.

Mr Iain Anderson said: 'there is still a great deal of work to be done to improve conditions for people held in immigration detention. This report recommends systemic change with the aim of reducing risks of harm to the people held in immigration detention and staff who work there.'

The Department of Home Affairs accepted most of the 12 recommendations. Mr Anderson said: 'we will assess the progress Home Affairs has made against these recommendations in the coming year, and look forward to seeing lasting, systemic improvement across the detention centre network.'


Source: The Commonwealth Ombudsman, Australia

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