CANADA | Ombud’s 2023/2024 annual report highlights fairness in times of disaster

The Ombud’s 2023/2024 Annual Report was released by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly on 9 May 2024. In it Ombud Colette Langlois highlighted the increased attention ombuds are devoting to fairness issues related to climate change and natural disasters, and identified key takeaways from recent ombud reports from British Columbia and New Zealand.

The Northwest Territories is not alone in experiencing extreme climate-related events, and ombudsman everywhere are turning their minds to how to apply principles of fairness in these challenging circumstances,” said Langlois. “Authorities need to think ahead and plan for fairness in emergencies and disaster response.”

The Ombud also reported a 45% increase in the number of inquiries to her Office over the previous fiscal year and growing demand for training in administrative fairness for territorial public servants, both of which she welcomed. However, Langlois signalled concern that the Office’s current resources will not be sufficient to continue to meet the Ombud’s full mandate, which includes complaint resolution, systemic investigations, and public education about principles of administrative fairness and the role of the Ombud.

This will be Langlois’ final annual report, as she will be leaving office later this year.


Source: Office of the Ombud Northwest Territories, Canada

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