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How To Investigate: Fundamentals Of Effective Fact-finding 2nd Edition

Authors: Gareth Jones, Laura Pettigrew

Published by: Thomson Reuters

How To Investigate: Fundamentals of Effective Fact-finding, 2nd Ed. is an indispensable resource for conducting investigations of any kind, including regulatory, compliance, workplace, insurance, human rights, harassment, health and safety, integrity and ethics, police and military oversight, and ombudsman investigations.

This text is an essential tool for anyone involved in any field of investigation, and anyone involved in evaluating investigations.

Full of real-life examples and practical advice, topics include, among others:

  • Fundamental investigative principles
  • The challenges of workplace investigations
  • Planning an investigation
  • Planning and conducting investigative interviews
  • Documentary, digitally stored and physical evidence
  • Assessing evidence
  • Report writing
  • Building cultural considerations into an investigation
  • How to use the Internet as an investigative tool
  • Dealing with difficult conduct in investigations


Source: Thomson Reuters, Canada

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