ARMENIA | Policy fully accepted Ombudsman´s recommendations on arrestees´ rights

The draft decision of the Armenian Government on making changes in the internal regulation of places for keeping arrestees in the Armenian Police system was submitted for the opinion of the Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia.

The study of the project indicates that it fully reflects the recommendations made by the Ombudsman in the annual reports of the Human Rights Defender as a National Preventive Mechanism, as well as in the analytical reports on the monitoring visits to the Armenian Police departments and places for keeping arrestees (hereinafter referred to as the PKA).

In particular, based on the Ombudsman's recommendations:

  • PKA cells will be provided with electric regulators that will allow artificial light to be reduced at nighttime without disturbing the right to rest and sleep of the persons deprived of their liberty;
  • For the individual use of women admitted to the PKA, female hygienic items will be provided while in the PKA;
  • PKA yards will be furnished with sports equipment, benches and garbage bins;
  • the medical examination of the persons admitted to the PKA and the persons deprived of their liberty will be subject to legislative regulation, in particular the medical examination will be carried out in each case of entry to the PKA, its results will be properly recorded, etc.
  • the glass partitions in the PKA's meeting rooms will be dismantled, which will remove the barrier of physical contact between the persons deprived of the liberty and their family members / relatives.

The Human Rights Defender welcomes such example of cooperation with the Police in implementing the recommendations of the Ombudsman as a National Preventive Mechanism.

The Human Rights Defender's comments on other provisions of the draft will be presented in an opinion.

In accordance with the agreement reached with the Armenian Police, an in-depth discussion will be held on the opinion and on the implementation of recommendations reflected in it.


Source: Human Rights Defender of the Republic of Armenia



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