UK | Peer Review Seminar to be hosted in London

The UK Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman Office, Mr Rob Behrens, will be hosting a seminar on Peer Review at Portcullis House, Parliament Street, London in conjunction with the IOI on Monday 23rd September 2019. This follows on from the review of his Office which IOI President, Peter Tyndall led in conjunction with the late Caroline Mitchell of the UK Financial Ombudsman and Christian Gill, Lecturer in Public Law at University of Glasgow. The seminar will also draw on a review of the Public Services Ombudsman of Wales undertaken by the UK Local Government Ombudsman.

Having an independent review of your Office can help to answer questions about effectiveness and value for money, as well as provide key levers for change.  It can consider your office in the context of international standards such as the Venice Principles and international best practice to provide a comprehensive overview showing achievement and areas for possible improvement, whether in legislation or in practice.  Because the review is led by peers, it offers an insight into the work of your office based on knowledge and experience, in a way which a consultant or auditor may not be able to match.  Peer Review can, therefore, be a valuable tool for improving the performance of your Office and demonstrating value for money.

The seminar will commence at 13.00.  On the morning of the seminar the PHSO will make a presentation on training and accreditation based on the highly successful programme it has developed.  It is also hoped to arrange a tour of parliament prior to the seminar.  A light lunch and post-seminar refreshments will also be provided.        

The Seminar will contribute to the development of a new IOI Best Practice Paper on Peer Review.

Registration for the seminar is open and some places are still available.  If you are interested in attending please contact Mr Brad Denton, UK Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

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