PORTUGAL | Ombudsman signs cooperation agreement with Angolian colleague

A meeting between the Ombudsman of Portugal, Maria Lúcia Amaral, and the Ombudsman of Angola, Antonia Florbela Araújo, was held in Lisbon on 12 October 2021, to hold a working meeting and sign a Cooperation Agreement between the two institutions.

The Agreement aims to strengthen the conditions for sharing knowledge, good practices and exchange of experiences, and to facilitate citizens’ access to the Ombudsman. It foresees, among other things, the development of joint training and exchange actions, namely of specialized technicians, so that both institutions may better serve in the promotion and defence of citizens’ rights, freedoms, guarantees and legitimate interests.

The agreement with its counterpart institution in Angola follows the one signed in June 2021 with the Ombudsman of Cape Verde, within the framework of strengthening relations between the states that make up the CPLP/Human Rights Network.


Source: Office of the Provedor de Justiça (Ombudsman), Portugal

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