Azerbaijan | Ombudsman participates at conference on “Religion and Human Rights”

The Ombudsman Institution of Azerbaijan and the State Committee on Affairs with Religious Associations, Law and Human Rights Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences jointly organized a conference on “Religion and Human Rights” in Baku.

The Ombudsman delivered a speech at the event, emphasized the role of attitude towards religion in the sustainable development within and among the countries, also the undeniable relation between religion and human rights. She noted that the Article 18 of the Constitution reflects the relationship between the religion and the state.

The Ombudsman also underlined that Azerbaijan is known as a unique model for tolerance, multicultural and multi-confessional environment, state-religion relations. She emphasized that there have not been cases like religious persecution, infringement of religious freedom among the appeals addressed to her within the term of office.

The Ombudsman also highlighted the Baku Process, which provided a wide-scale platform for dialogue among civilizations and cultures, and is practiced with its name at the international level, supported by the UN.

It was noted that there is still a need to strengthen the potential on cooperation as a network with the NGOs and mass media to further developing the coordinated awareness raising work by involving all the country population groups.


Source: Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Azerbaijan

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