ANGOLA | Ombudsman of Angola holds commemorative session to celebrate its 18th Anniversary

To celebrate the 18th Anniversary of the election of the First Ombudsman of the Republic of Angola and the creation of the Ombudsman's Office of Angola, the Ombudsman's Week was held from 19-28 April 2023, for which the Ombudsman organized a series of events, visits and trips to the interior of the country, to promote the exchange of experience, with a view to publicizing the Role and Function of the Ombudsman as a public entity that defends the fundamental rights of citizens and promotes human dignity.

On 19 April 2023, in particular, a cycle of lectures was held, under the theme “The Ombudsman as Defender of the Fundamental Rights of Citizens”, this event was attended by Auxiliary entities of the Holder of Executive Power, Judicial Magistrates, the Superior Courts (Supreme, Constitutional and Accounts) and Public Ministry, Representatives of the National Assembly, Members of the Diplomatic Corps Accredited in the Republic of Angola, as a special guest the Honorable Ombudsman of the Republic of Zambia, Religious entities, Academic Students, Member of International Organizations and Civil Society Associations.


Source: Provedoria de Justiça de la República de Angola

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