AZERBAIJAN | Ombudsman met with the Council of Europe delegation at the Ombudsman Office

The Ombudsman received the delegation of the Council of Europe (CoE) headed by Alexandre Guessel, the Director of Political Affairs Directorate. The aim of the visit was to learn the status of implementation of the commitments undertaken by Azerbaijan as a member of the CoE. The Head of the CoE Office in Baku Zoltan Herneys and representatives of the CoE Secretariat also attended the meeting.

The Ombudsman spoke about the implementation of the commitments and noted that it is not only for the cooperation with the CoE, but also for the interests of our state, democratization, ensuring human rights more reliably, establishing European values to the full extent in the country.

Furthermore, the ratification of numerous significant CoE documents; improvement of the national legislation, including the adoption of new domestic legal acts; ensuring the right to submission of request to the Constitutional Court, the freedom of speech and improving the relevant situation in country were also brought to the attention.

The Ombudsman also spoke about the regular monitoring of the implementation of the National Program for Action to Raise Effectiveness of the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms in the Republic of Azerbaijan through public hearings all over the country.

At the end of the meeting, A.Guessel expressed his satisfaction to the Ombudsman for providing detailed information. He noted the CoEs interest in future cooperation with the institution.


Source: The Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights, Azerbaijan


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