THE NETHERLANDS | New Ombudsman of Amsterdam takes office

Mr Munish Ramlal has been appointed as the new Municipal Ombudsman of Amsterdam by the city council. He follows Arre Zuurmond, who retired from the office earlier this year.

Munish Ramlal is a lawyer with a PhD. He worked as an advisor to the National Ombudsman, during which he developed an expert view of the relationship between government and citizens.

Mr Ramlal’s professional experience continued with his work as an organizational consultant for public organizations, as well as the head of System Supervision at the Dutch Data Protection Authority, where he supervised the compliance by governments and companies with citizens’ privacy rights.

Mr Ramlal is active in the art and culture sector in The Hague and Rotterdam. He is married to writer and public administrator Shantie Singh.


Source: Office of the Municipal Ombudsman for Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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