ASIA | New members on I.O.I. Board of Directors

Two valuable members from the Asian Region left the I.O.I. Board of Directors in 2010 when Mr Jae-oh Lee from the Anti-Corruption & Civil Rights Commission Korea resigned from his office in August and Mr Javed S. Malik, Federal Ombudsman of Pakistan completed his tenure in October.

Since then the Asian Region of the I.O.I. has been severely underrepresented in the I.O.I. Board of Directors and the I.O.I. General Secretariat was therefore honoured and willing to accept an informal request from the only active Asian Board member, Commissioner Fong of the Commission Against Corruption of Macao, and – according to the regional by-laws of the Region - assist the members by holding an electronic ballot in order to fill the vacant positions of two Asian Directors on the I.O.I. Board of Directors.

The turnout among the members of the Asian Region has been very good. The I.O.I. General Secretariat is pleased to announce Ms Youngran Kim, Chairperson ACRC, Republic of Korea, and Mr Asad Ashraf Malik, Provincial Ombudsman Sindh, Pakistan, as the two newly elected Directors of the IOI Board:

Both candidates accepted their election in written statements to the I.O.I. General Secretariat. On behalf of all members, the Institute therefore congratulates Chairperson Youngran Kim and Ombudsman Asad Ashraf Malik on their election and is looking forward to their active participation and fruitful cooperation in the near future.

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