Korea | Inauguration of New ACRC Chairperson

Jeon Hyeon-Heui took office as the new Chairperson of the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission (ACRC) on June 29 at the Government Complex Sejong.

Chairperson Jeon Hyeon-Heui was majored in dentistry at Seoul National University. She practiced law since 1996 with a medical background and happended to take on a public litigation case for a group of hemophilia patients infected with HIV due to a tainted drug in 2003. That was the time when she got more interested in the socially vulnerable and has since been participated in many public and NGO works for the greater good. And then she served as a two-term parliament (the 18th and 19th National Assembly).

During her inauguration address, she said, in this rapid changing environment, we should take an extra care to remove any blind spot in the protection of citizen’s rights and interests. “At a time when being exposed to the risk of getting infected with the COVID-19 is frequent in daily lives, tight social safety net for the socially underprivileged has never been this important and urgent. In this regards, the ACRC should preemptively figure out how to better protect citizens’ rights and interests and make institutional improvement”.

She also said that “The ACRC should progressively push forward with anti-corruption and fairness reform to fully serve its role as a national anti-corruption control tower in both name and reality. She added,” The ACRC should dig out pending anti-corruption issues that citizens feel should be urgently resolved and at the same time should play a more clear and strong role in encouraging relevant authorities to resolve those issues“.

Last but not least, she stressed the importance of communication in the field. “Resolving difficulties of citizens and mediating social conflicts require listening citizens’ various complaints in the field. The ACRC should become an agency that can understand and sympathize with citizens from the bottom of its heart.”

She ended her remark by saying that while protecting and improving people’s rights and interests is all government agencies’ fundamental duty, the ACRC is dedicated to doing so. The ACRC is the only agency that has civil rights in its name. So employees of the ACRC should be reminded themselves that the Commission is at the forefront of citizen rights and interests protection and therefore feel proud of working in such an organization.“

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