IOI Europe | Dutch Ombudsman hosts Poldershop on “Ombudsman Tools”


“Ombudsman Tools”

The Hague, 1 November 2019


Dutch National Ombudsman Reinier Van Zutphen invites to the next Poldershop, which will take place in The Hague on Friday, 1 November 2019.

This edition of the Poldershop is about how Ombudsman assess the actions of the government? On what basis do they reach their decisions?

Some ombudsmen refer to the law, others to treaties and still others employ their own list of norms. Most, however, seem to use a combination of the three.

During this Poldershop participants will look into the various ways and reflect on what works and what doesn't. How do Ombudsman decide what to use and how do they use these criteria to come to their conclusions and recommendations?

The Poldershop will take place in The Hague on Friday, 1 November 2019. On the evening of Thursday 31 October 2019 participants will be invited to an informal dinner.

Due to a limited number of places, the Poldershop is only intended for members from the IOI European Region. However, the results and input from this Poldershop will be used to develop an IOI Best Practice Paper on the topic, which will be made available to all members next year.  

Members from the IOI European Region are kindly asked to fill in the form further down below and send it to the Office of the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands before 10 October 2019.


Source: Office of the National Ombudsman, The Netherlands

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