AZERBAIJAN | Ombudsman’s report heard in Parliament


On the 5th of March the Azerbaijani Ombudsman’s Annual Report for the year of 2018 was heard at the Parliament.

During the hearing the Ombudsman summarized the annual activities on restoration of the violated rights, public awareness, international cooperation and protection of the rights of all strata of the society. In the report the Ombudsman also mentioned the importance of effective protection of the rights of women, elderly people, persons with disabilities, prisoners, child rights and etc.

Many recommendations on improving the human rights in the country were put forward by the Ombudsman. During the discussions the parliamentarians positively assessed the report and the issues raised by the Ombudsman. Some parliamentarians also mentioned the important contribution of the Ombudsman’s previous recommendations which were taken into consideration in country President’s decrees as well as in legislative process.

In the end of the session it was voted to take the Annual Report into consideration.


Source: Ombudsman of Azerbaijan


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