AZERBAIJAN | Ombudsman encourages young people to be more active in decision making process

The 2nd of February is nationally celebrated as Youth day in Azerbaijan according to the Decree signed by the President, Haydar Aliyev in 1997. Since that day, each year numerous events are conducted in the country where the young people actively participate. On this occasion by the initiative of Azerbaijani Ombudsman many events were organized in different regions of the country with participation of the young people. All the representatives of state bodies, local authorities and civil society actively took part at these events and discussed the perspectives of joint efforts for the youth and human rights-based approaches in policy making process.

During the events the young people were encouraged to be more active in decision making process and it was emphasized the central role of youth in the path towards sustainable development. It was also highlighted the importance of engaging them in implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals for peaceful and inclusive societies which is also the priority of the Council of Europe.   

At present, State Program on Azerbaijani Youth for 2017-2021 is being successfully implemented and one of the main directions is to increase the awareness of the young people on human rights, gender equality, environment and other fundamental rights.


Source: Office of the Ombudsman of Azerbaijan

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