Armenia | Ombudsman detects illegal deprivation of liberty in psychiatric institution – criminal case initiated

Based on the materials prepared on the basis of the decision of the Human Rights Defender on violation of human rights, the Police initiated a criminal case on illegally keeping a person in a psychiatric hospital.

In particular, on the basis of an unannounced visit on October 25, 2018 the Human Rights Defender recorded a case of illegally and unwillingly keeping of an adult and capable person in the National Center for Mental Health CJSC (formerly “Nubarashen” Psychiatric Center) in the absence of non-voluntary treatment procedures. The person was able to leave the psychiatric hospital after the intervention of the Human Rights Defender's authorized representative.

After the incident, the Human Rights Defender made a decision on violation of human rights and sent it to the Prosecutor General, the Police Chief and the Minister of Health.

Based on the Human Rights Defender's decision the Health and Labor Inspection Body instituted administrative proceedings, as a result of which violations were registered in the psychiatric organization and mandatory instructions were given.


Source: Human Rights Defender, Armenia

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