Armenia | Office of Human Rights Defender establishes new business and human rights unit

The Office of the Defender of Human Rights of Armenia has established a new Business and Human Rights Unit, which will deal with the protection of rights in the field of business.

Following the new Constitutional Law on the Human Rights Defender, adopted after the 2015 Constitutional amendments, the Human Rights Defender has been endowed with a new mandate enabling the Defender, inter alia, to consider issues on violations of human rights and freedoms by organizations operating in the field of public service.

Attaching great importance to the formation of an equal, fair and transparent business environment, the Human Rights Defender of Armenia has established a new unit on Business and Human Rights.

The aim of this new unit is to contribute to the implementation of business-related human rights across the country through research, monitoring and other activities. It also includes educational activities, with a view to improving respect for human rights and sustainable development principles in business context.


Source: Office of the Defender of Human Rights, Armenia

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