ARMENIA | Human Rights Defender publishes ad hoc reports

The Human Rights Defender of Armenia has published four thematic ad hoc reports as well as a guide on the media coverage of child related issues. The reports, which have partly been drafted with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Armenia and Georgia, show the recent priorities of the Ombudsman of Armenia.

  • The report on "Monitoring of the Activity of the State Probation Service of the Republic of Armenia" is the result of a comprehensive study on the legislative and practical issues of the Probation Service in Armenia. The report can be downloaded here!

  • The report on "The Rights od Detained and Convicted Persons Transferred to the Disciplinary Cell on Inviolability of Private and Family Life, Freedom of Communications" comprises individual complaints submitted to the Defender as well as the monitoring of National Preventive.

  • The report on "Ensuring Rights of Persons with Mental Health Problems in Psychiatric Organizations" reveals gross violations in psychiatric institutions including related to the expired medications, taking pensions from people with mental health problems, etc. The full report can be here!

  • The "Concept on Combating Criminal Subculture in Penitentiary Institutions of the RA Ministry of Justice" is a report, describing the criminal subculture in penitentiary institutions and its impact on the relations between persons deprived of their liberty and on the penitentiary system.

Source: The Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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