AUSTRALIA | End of Financial Year Training Opportunities in Brisbane

The Queensland Ombudsman offers practical and interactive training opportunities for public sector officers on managing complaints, making decisions, managing unreasonable conduct and ethical dilemmas.

Good Decisions
A full day course that covers the principles of decision-making and the factors that support public sector officers to make good decisions. This course focuses on how officers can maintain proper and accurate records to support their decisions.

Managing Unreasonable Conduct
This half day course is for all public sector officers who handle complaints. It examines the various categories of unreasonable conduct and covers unreasonable behaviour received by phone, face-to-face and in writing. It provides practical strategies to prevent and manage unreasonable conduct.

Complaints Management
This is a full day course for internal review officers, investigators, human resource staff, managers and directors and other officers who review complaints. Participants learn the principles underpinning reviews of complaints and apply these to plan, progress and manage a complaint review.

Public Sector Ethics
This half day course will help public sector officers assess and respond to ethical dilemmas and understand core government values. The course equips officers with the skills to identify and manage conflicts of interest and promotes ethical behaviour in daily interactions.

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Source: Queensland Ombudsman, Australia

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