AUSTRALIA | Western Australia Ombudsman requested to develop Reportable Conduct Scheme

The Western Australian Ombudsman has been requested by the Western Australian Government to plan and develop a Reportable Conduct Scheme. The Scheme arises from a five-year national Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse.

The Scheme would oblige heads of government, non-government and religious institutions to notify of any reportable allegation, conduct or conviction involving harm to a child by its employees.

Under the Scheme, institutional systems for preventing reportable conduct are scrutinised, the progress of investigations and the handling of complaints by institutions are monitored and own motion investigations concerning reportable conduct can be undertaken.

To undertake the planning and development of the Scheme, Parliament has approved an appropriation of funding to employ a team of staff members for a period of twelve months. The team will report to Assistant Ombudsman Rebecca Poole, Head of Strategic Policy and Projects, National and International Relations.


Source: The Ombudsman Western Australia


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