APOR | Waka Tangata – issue 3 of the APOR E-news now available

The 3rd issue of the Waka Tangata reports about an own motion investigation into allegations of poor administration by the boards of public enterprises carried out by the Ombudsman of Tonga and a completed review on the current structure of the Office of the Ombudsman of Vanuatu.

It informs about different reports carried out by members of the region, such as a report into the abuse and neglect of vulnerable adults by the New South Wales Ombudsman, the Victorian Ombudsman’s latest OPCAT investigation or a report released by the Queensland Ombudsman on actions taken by the Sunshine Coast Regional Council in response to complaints about power boat noise.

Issue 3 of the Waka Tangata presents a new role for the Ombudsman of New Zealand, i.e. giving the Ombudsman an enhanced role in overseeing complaints and investigations relating to children and young people in state custody. It further informs about recommendations made by the Ombudsman of Hong Kong in relation to the government’s regulation of proprietary Chinese medicine and a partnership programme by the Office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman to support offices in the region.

Issue 3 of the Waka Tangata APOR E-news is now available online. Click HERE to read the full newsletter.

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