GREECE | Vassiliki K. Vretou from the Greek Ombudsman publishes new book on “Environmental Governance, Ombudsman and future generations”

Vassiliki K. Vretou, a Lawyer-Senior Investigator at the Greek Ombudsman, currently seconded to the General Secretariat of Coordination of the Greek Government, recently published her new book on “Environmental Governance, Ombudsman and future generations”. The book has been published in Greek at Barbounakis publications and can be purchased here.

The book is based on her PhD thesis and is a reference book for anyone interested in environment, human rights, Ombudsman institutions and new litigation (climate acts).

You can find further information in English about her book on the Ombuds Research Blog and the website of the UK Administrative Justice Institute.

The answers of European Ombudsmen to her dissertation questionnaire on "The Ombudsman’s role in environmental governance and sustainable development at national and international level: the protection of future generations" can be accessed here and the thesis' table of contents in English can be downloaded below.

Source: Ms Vassiliki K. Vretou, PhD

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