NETHERLANDS | This year's annual report of the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands also published as magazine to reach professionals and as Youtube video

This year the National Ombudsman has also published his annual report as a Magazine. As always there are two versions of the annual report. One is an official publication for Parliament and the other is a publication made specially for the public. This year this latter publication has been made into a magazine. The content of both versions is identical. There was also made a short film about the content of annual report 2020, the version with English subtitles you can find here.

The National Ombudsman has opted for the digital annual magazine in order to clarify the work of the National Ombudsman institute to professionals (e.g. complaint handlers, intermediaries, academics, etc.). With professionals we mean the persons who can connect the National Ombudsman to the people who need him. We cannot reach out to all citizens, but we can reach out to professionals who are connected to many citizens.

In the magazine we make a link to topics that are discussed in the annual report. The reason is that not many professionals know well enough what the National Ombudsman does. We also publish the articles in the magazine separately on our website. In this way we can generate extra attention to certain topics via social media. Ultimately, this is all done with the aim of enabling professionals to do their work better for citizens.

Source: Office of the National Ombudsman of the Netherlands

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