GREECE | The Greek Ombudsman investigates the Pylos shipwreck case

An independent investigation is initiated by the Greek Ombudsman on the Pylos shipwreck incident. The Ombudsman, Mr. Andreas Pottakis, addressed two letters to the Commandant of the Hellenic Coastguard requesting a thorough internal investigation on any acts or omissions by Coastguard officers in connection to the tragic incident of 14 June 2023.

Following the expressed denial of the Coastguard to initiate a disciplinary investigation, the Independent Authority decided to initiate its own investigation, in its special mandate as National Mechanism for the Investigation of Arbitrary Incidents in relation to acts or omissions of Coastguard officers upon the Pylos shipwreck. The Ombudsman considers that absolute transparency on administrative action taken by competent officials concerning this tragic incident where many lives were lost is an elementary Rule of Law command.

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Source: The Greek Ombudsman

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