CONTROL YUAN, TAIWAN | The Control Yuan publishes 2023 Annual report

With powers endowed by the Constitution and its additional articles, the Control Yuan (CY) exercises powers of impeachment, censure, correction, investigation, and audit, as well as receiving people’s complaints and conducting circuit supervision at local and central authorities.

The CY recently published the 2023 Annual Report of the Control Yuan. Over the course of 2023, the CY received 16,418 people’s complaints, issued 273 investigation reports, approved 20 impeachment cases, and initiated 98 cases proposing corrective measures. Moreover, its work in preventing corruption and implementing the Sunshine Acts, along with the National Human Rights Commission’s works of safeguarding human rights, have been fruitful in their accomplishments.

The annual report includes 6 case summaries, which are categorized into “Disciplinary correction of government officials,” “Safeguarding and caring for the rights of the disadvantaged” and “Enhancing the values of human rights.” The CY also actively participated in international ombudsman affairs in 2023, attended the APOR and FIO conferences and hosted esteemed foreign dignitaries. To enhance public understanding of ombudsman and human rights systems worldwide, the CY obtained authorization from the foreign press to translate renowned scholar Dr. Linda C. Reif’s book Ombudsman Institutions, Good Governance, and the International Human Rights System into Chinese and publish it. The 2023 annual report, published in both English and Spanish, is now available on the CY website.


Source: The Control Yuan, Taiwan

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