Serbia | Protector of Citizens calls on citizens’ solidarity in combating Covid-19

“Due to the large number of patients, our health care system is undergoing a difficult period which is why I appeal to the solidarity of the citizens in the fight against the pandemic. In this situation, it is not solely the question of Covid-19 patients, but of all patients in the Republic of Serbia who, for objective reasons, have their human rights restricted and who cannot be treated“, said Pašalić.

Pašalić also said that he had never been in favor of applying stringent measures that would limit human rights, but that it was obvious that many citizens failed to adhere to protection measures and did not believe that Covid-19 was lethal. “I will quote my distinguished colleague, the Ombudsman of Montenegro, who said that many citizens disbelieved Covid-19 until they saw a coffin in their own yard. And that is why I once again urge the citizens to adhere to the protection measures, not to relax because each new strain is different from the previous one, and I especially ask them to get vaccinated so that, in case they contract the virus, they have as mild consequences as possible".

The Protector of Citizens also criticized the competent bodies that pronounce and implement protection measures because mass gatherings of citizens are made possible in this hard situation.

"I will also demand accountability from inspection services as well as strict control over the application of these measures, since the Protector of Citizens has received many complaints from citizens about failure to respect the prescribed protection measures", said Pašalić.


Source: Office of the Protector of citizens, Ombudsman of Serbia, Serbia 

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