IOI | President Field speaks at the Ukranian Network of Integrity and Compliance panel

Chris Field, President of the International Ombudsman Institute, joined a Ukrainian Network of Integrity and Compliance (UNIC) panel discussion "Compliance as a necessary component of investment protection in Ukraine", on 17 November 2021, as part of the Ukraine Business Integrity Month.

President Field was particularly pleased to speak alongside Vasyl Lozynskiy, the First Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Regional Development in the panel discussion moderated by Tetyana Korotka, Deputy Business Ombudsman in Ukraine.

President Field discussed the role of the International Ombudsman Institute and the adoption by the United Nations General Assembly, in December 2020, of the resolution, The role of Ombudsman and mediator institutions in the promotion and protection of human rights, good governance and the rule of law as the new global standard for Ombudsman institutions. He emphasised the fundamental importance of the rule of law and good governance in creating successful societies. He indicated that, in any country, the observance of the rule of law, good governance, integrity and compliance are all necessary pre-conditions to minimising sovereign risk, attracting foreign investment and giving confidence to the private sector in return on capital. He noted that the productive economies that ensue improve the lives of all citizens, including ensuring the greatest means to provide support for the most vulnerable citizens.  He further noted that it is vital that states ensure independence of Ombudsman institutions.

“I was delighted, and honoured, to be invited by Antonina Prudko, Head of Secretariat, UNIC, to address this important event. The citizens of the Ukraine are well-served by the excellent work of UNIC and the Business Ombudsman” said Mr Field.


Source: Office of the IOI President and Western Australia Ombudsman


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