Armenia | OSCE/ODIHR discussed ongoing judicial appointment process for the Constitutional Court with the Human Rights Defender

The OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR) contacted the Human Rights Defender of Armenia on their own initiative to discuss the procedure for the ongoing judicial appointment process for the Constitutional Court and an agreement was reached to closely monitor the process.

The Human Rights Defender and the OSCE ODIHR held a series of discussions on the importance of an independent assessment of the judicial appointment process for the Constitutional Court and how the two institutions can work together to review the process. During the discussions, it was underlined that ODIHR would provide technical expertise in the assessment and would produce legal analysis on the legislation regulating the judicial appointment, the applicable international standards, commitments and best practices.

The aim of the assessment is to conduct an independent and impartial view of the proceedings in terms of building public confidence in the independence of the judiciary. The focus will be on the legal framework and procedures for judicial appointment, the implementation of those procedures and the transparency of the process.

The two institutions jointly mentioned that transparency is a vital component of any judicial appointment process and therefore Parliament should ensure that all stages of the process are as transparent as possible. It is through a transparent process that public confidence in the judiciary can be built.


Source: Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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