USA/IOWA | Ombudswoman Cooperrider lays her first annual report

The Office of Citizen’s Aide/Ombudsman has published its annual report on 2011 containing statistical data regarding the 4,684 opened cases within this period, as well as information on special topics like ‘open-meetings’ and the redesign of Iowa’s mental health service system.

It’s been the first year in office for Iowa’s Ombudswoman Ruth Cooperrider who faced several challenges within her new position as the Office of Citizen’s Aide/Ombudsman was not fully staffed and was lacking a deputy Ombudsman to assist in office management etc. Despite these vacancies Mrs. Cooperrider decided not to limit cases but to provide the same level of services to Iowa’s Citizens although this meant that the work couldn’t be completed as quickly as before.


The annual report highlights various significant investigations, and some prominent subjects of 2011 and is available as download below as well as on the institution’s website.

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