ARMENIA | Ombudsman votes against Ministry’s report on implementation of action plan on penitentiary and probation sphere

The Ministry of Justice of Armenia has presented the 2020 semi-annual report of the implementation of 2019-2023 Action Plan on Penitentiary and Probation Spheres to the Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia.

The report and all the other relevant documents have been thoroughly examined at the Office of the Human Rights Defender. The examination has revealed that implementation of certain activities prescribed in the Action Plan, are evaluated as completed or mostly completed.

The Office of the Human Rights Defender established that the Ministry of Justice paid a formal approach to the assessment. In fact, it does not reflect the expected results and criteria for those events. Such actions include the following:

  • the reforms in the activity of the Allocating Committee of the prisoners;
  • educational projects in the penitentiary institutions;
  • contact with the outside world;
  • provision of medication acquired by the persons deprived of liberty or their relatives, etc.

Taking into consideration, that the relevant actions have not been fulfilled properly and the proposed solutions do not settle both the practical and legal issues raised by the Human Rights Defender, the representative of the Ombudsman who is a member of the Coordinating Board of the implementation of the mentioned Action Plan, voted against the report prepared by the Ministry of Justice on the state of implementation of the Action Plan.


Source: The Office of the Human Rights Defender of Armenia

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