PAKISTAN | Ombudsman Sindh declares protection of child rights as office’s goal

Mr. Ajaz Ali Khan, Provincial Ombudsman Sindh recently welcomed an UNICEF delegation headed by Ms. Cristina Brugiolo, in his office.

Mr. Ajaz Ali Khan in his meeting with the delegation highlighted the fact that Sindh played leading role in establishing Children’s Complaint Office (CCO). He mentioned that the Ombudsman Office is working towards strengthening of the CCO for Protection of Children in Sindh. The Children complaint office was vigilantly watching any violations of child rights in the province and ensuring effective measures for preventing such wrong doings.

To creat awareness in the society the Ombudsman Office plans to start a proactive awareness campaign to inform the public about CCO and Ombudsman Office and therby using different media strategies.

The Provincial Ombudsman Sindh also acknowledged and appreciated the co-operation and support extended by UNICEF with regard to Children Complaint Office in Sindh and is working towoards ongoing co-operation in the future.


Source: Provincial Ombudsman Sindh


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