Kosovo | Ombudsman Institution publishes Annual Report 2019

Ombudsperson's reporting on annual basis is an internationally supported standard through which establishment of interdependence among democracy, on one side, protection of human rights and freedoms as well as rule of law on the other side is intended, principles which are stipulated by the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo as well.

These principles in themselves carry the liability that the State guarantees democracy, protection of human rights and the rule of law, and carries the full responsibility for their implementation.

Ombudsperson's Annual Report, in the spirit of the above mentioned principles as well as the constitutional and legal mandate, aims to provide a general overview of the challenges in the human rights protection system in the Republic of Kosovo. With particular emphasis on the issues of systematic problems in all three pillars of the power: in legislature, in executive and judiciary, with a strong believe that in this way this Report will serve also as a tool for strengthening democracy in the country.

The meritorious treatment of the Report by members of the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo also assists to improve the accountability by authorities who have abused or violated human rights, regardless addressing of this issue by the institution the Ombudsperson represents. However, the Ombudsperson would like to stress out that during the years of his mandate, a huge progress has been noticed as per implementation of Ombudsperson's recommendations by the central level authorities, where in 2015 the percentage of implemented recommendation was only 11%, and gradually, year per year, implementation of the Ombudsperson's recommendations by central level authorities this year (2019) has reached 54%. However, a considerable number of recommendations has failed to be implemented by authorities, particularly from local authorities, from whom the Ombudsperson expects broader and more responsible cooperation, with the aim and on the interest of protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms in their municipalities.

Source: Ombudsman of the Republic of Kosovo

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