PAPUA NEW GUINEA | Ombudsman Commission assists widow get her title back

A Lae widow had the best Christmas gift in December when she was awarded the title for her property in Lae, Morobe Province, something she lost to fraudulent activities by certain National Housing officers.

The woman said she had nothing but praise for the Ombudsman Commission (OC) after the Commission’s intervention set into motion the recovery of her title. She began her battle for her title in 1999.

Two years ago she went to the media to appeal to the Housing Minister Justin Tkatchenko to revoke the title after it was being fraudulently transferred to another Housing officer. However, she did not get the assistance needed until she approached the Ombudsman Commission.

She was surprised when Mr Tkatchenko and NHC Managing Director Henry Mokono invited her to pick up her title in person in Port Moresby in the presence of the media. The Ombudsman Commission officers, staff and management of NHC and the Minister were present to witness the occasion.

The complainant said that it was a bitter sweet moment as she wished her husband who had started the process with her was there to witness the occasion.


Source: Ombudsman Commission, Papua New Guinea

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