TAIWAN | Members of fifth-term Control Yuan effectively carrying out their duties

The Control Yuan (CY) exercises powers independently according to the constitutional five-power system while cooperating closely with the other four branches of the government. Since taking office on 1 August 2014, the fifth-term CY Members have been dedicated to carrying out supervisory powers and anti-corruption measures. Their performance has been fruitful, as seen in the following five sections:

  • Protecting human rights and safeguarding social justice:

During the period from August 2014 to May 2020, of the 1,665 investigation reports reviewed by CY committees and selected by the CY Members as human rights related, 990 concerned the protection of human rights.

  • Reducing public expenditures and increasing annual income:

By following recommendations for corrective measures proposed by the CY, the various government agencies saved the state coffers a total of almost NT$7.19 billion through reduced spending during the fifth-term.

  • Promoting good governance and redressing public grievances:

4,877 concrete improvement measures were proposed by following recommendations for corrective measures proposed by the CY.

  • Impeaching corrupt officials and upholding ethical standards:

The CY established one censure case, resulting one person being censured. In addition, the CY established 160 impeachment cases with a total of 231 persons being impeached.

  • Implementing anti-corruption laws and promoting clean politics:

The CY received 60,832 property declaration forms from public servants and reviewed 60,879 forms; a total of 977 anti-corruption cases received disciplinary sanctions.

Source: The Control Yuan

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