IOI | IOI President and IOI Vice President Europe visit Kyiv, Ukraine

IOI President Field and IOI Vice President Europe Behrens commenced their third day in Kyiv with a visit to the bunker used by the staff of the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights during Russian Federation missile attacks. This was followed by a formal exchange with the Commissioner and his senior staff, before attending a meeting of the Coordination Council of the Ombudsman of Ukraine, a senior advisory council of civil society human rights experts. Both President Field and Vice President Europe Behrens had the privilege of addressing the Council.

The President and Vice President Europe then visited places of destruction in Kyiv. One particularly tragic moment was seeing an operational power station that was intended to be destroyed by a Russian missile. Instead, this missile destroyed a residential apartment building on other side of the road with the loss of lives of Ukrainian civilians.

The visit then included inspecting captured Russian Federation military equipment, prior to paying our respect to those soldiers who have given their lives for their country. The day finished by visiting a ‘Point of Invincibility’, an ‘inflatable’ building that has power, tea, coffee, water and beds for Ukrainian citizens, and particularly as the temperature starts to fall to -10 or less, these buildings are heated.


Source: The Office of the Western Australian Ombudsman and IOI President


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