IOI | International Ombudsman Institute revoked membership of High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation

The Board of the International Ombudsman Institute (IOI) has revoked the membership of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in the Russian Federation (Commissioner).

"The IOI, established in 1978, is the only global organisation for the cooperation of more than 200 independent Ombudsman institutions from more than 100 countries worldwide. The IOI is organised in six regional chapters: Africa; Asia; Australasia & Pacific; Europe the Caribbean & Latin America and North America. Our members must meet the high standards set out in our Bylaws,” said IOI President Chris Field

"The membership of the Commissioner has ceased as the Commissioner does not comply with our By-laws that require our members to comply with generally accepted professional ethics governing the institution of Ombudsman and to be impartial."

Importantly, and as would be expected of Ombudsman institutions, the case for the revocation for the membership was provided to the Commissioner. The case included statements made by the Commissioner in relation to the Ukraine following the unlawful invasion by the Russian Federation of the sovereign nation of Ukraine, including statements that appeared to justify the unlawful invasion. The Commissioner was afforded full procedural fairness as part of the IOI’s decision-making process.


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