Australia | IGT Ali Noroozi steps down

Ali Noroozi will be stepping down as the Australian Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT) on Monday 5 November 2018. 

In his valedictory speech, IGT Noroozi stressed that: “In an ever-changing world, where the community is losing faith in well-established and previously well-respected institutions, the role of those who scrutinise them, has never been more important to regain and maintain trust in our democracy.”

Mr Noroozi has been the IGT since November 2008. He holds degrees in Engineering and Law, including a Masters of Law specialising in taxation. Mr Noroozi  has 25 years of experience working in taxation, including working at leading international accounting and law firms in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Mr Noroozi delivered his valedictory speech at an event hosted by Arnold Bloch Leibler in Melbourne on 4 October 2018. A link to the video of Mr Noroozi’s speeches at this valedictory event as well as the full text of his speech is available on the website of the Inspector-General of Taxation (IGT).


Source: Office of the Inspector General of Taxation (IGT), Australia

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