WORLD | ICIC membership accreditation officially opened

Information Commissioners, Ombudspersons and other bodies responsible for protecting and promoting the right of access to information can now apply to become a member of the International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC).

By joining the ICIC, member authorities will have access to the closed session of the annual conference and will be able to participate fully in the workings of the network, which includes voting on resolutions, becoming an elected member of the Executive Committee and participating in working groups. Membership to the ICIC also represents a unique opportunity to link up with other authorities from across the world to identify trends, best practice and strategic priorities.

Please visit the ICIC website to get more information on the APPLICATION PROCESS and for the ONLINE ACCREDITATION. The process is only available in English at the moment and is currently being translated in Spanish and French.

Should you have any questions regarding the process or your application, please contact the ICIC Secretariat.


Source: International Conference of Information Commissioners (ICIC)

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