WORLD | IACA offers e-learning and on-line capacity building in anti-corruption

In the context of the current Covid-19 virus pandemic and the complete lock-down IACA decided to turn challenges into opportunities and embarked on a concerted and focused effort to translate all of its programs, including the masters’ programs (MACS and IMACC) and all other educational activities, into an e-learning platform.

IACA Dean, Mr. Thomas Stelzer announces that IACA has initiated the delivery of its first activities, including modules of master’s programmes, in the online format. IACA offers on-line opportunities for capacity building in anti-corruption and at present, the following lectures/courses are available for the public:

  • Lecture titled “Use of Anti-Corruption Compliance Standards and Guidelines for Designing and Implementing an Anti-Corruption Compliance Programme”, which aims to support companies in the implementation of anti-corruption compliance programmes content. This lecture is especially useful for small and medium sized enterprises and is available on the IACA website and IACA’s YouTube channel.

  • Course titled “Insights into Cybercrime and Electronic Evidence: A Basic Introduction for Non-Technicians”, which offers non-technical insights into some of the most interesting and important aspects of the way in which crime and criminal justice are responding to the Information Society. This course developed and contributed by IACA's frequent lecturer, Steven David Brown, expert of criminal justice, introduces the main theses, threats, challenges, and conundrums posed by this most modern trend of crime and explores the main solutions designed to address them. The course is comprised of 11 sessions with a final test and is offered on a non-commercial, non-profit basis. Interested participants can register to the course on the IACA website.

IACA is constantly working to provide further online training opportunities to its worldwide network and to the public on the Online Training Section of the IACA website where interested participants can register.

Dean Stelzer invites you to benefit from these learning offers and to share this information among colleagues or with any person involved in the fight against corruption.


Source: International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA)

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