UGANDA | First Lady launches anti-corruption campaign 2020

The First Lady Mrs Janet Museveni launched the Anti-Corruption Campaign 2020 at State House Entebbe with a call on fighting corruption right from the family level.

"We must know that we have a duty as parents, as leaders, as teachers and as pastors in churches to teach, to show examples and to talk about these things honestly and tell people that if they are not scared to take away anything that is not theirs, and own it and give it to their children, they are cursing their own families," she said.

The First Lady pointed out that corruption is at all levels of society, with people very tolerant, kind and sympathetic to those who are corrupt and, therefore, the theme for this year's campaign, "Promoting Social Accountability through active Citizenry" is good because it puts the responsibility squarely on all the citizens.

She said Uganda is confronted with the evil of corruption, which is eating at the very fabric of the nation and that with every corrupt action, Ugandans deny themselves the assurance of quality life and dignity because corruption undermines efforts of Government, families or the Church, to build and develop transformed lives or a nation in which everyone could enjoy equal access to programmes and better quality service delivery.

Mrs Museveni, who is the National Champion for the Ambassadors for Integrity Campaign, which is hinged on six values, namely: stewardship, work ethic, integrity, patriotism, excellence and servant leadership, transcends the conventional punitive approach of combating corruption and refocuses the fight on prevention.

The Deputy Inspector General of Government (IGG), Ms Mariam Wangadya, who spoke on behalf of the Anti-Corruption Agencies, explained that the International Anti-Corruption Campaign is a time for Government, political leaders, lobby and interest groups and the public to collaborate against corruption by reflecting on its evils and seeking consensus on measures to fight it. Click HERE to see the Deputy's remarks.

The function was organised by the Inspectorate of Government in partnership with the Global Leadership Summit. It was attended by heads of anti-corruption agencies (Inspectorate of Government, Office of the Auditor General, Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority, Directorate for Ethics and Integrity and State House Anti-Corruption Unit) and representatives from Justice, Law and Order Sector, the Inter-Religious Council of Uganda and the Global Leadership Summit.


Source: Office of the Inspectorate of Government, Uganda

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