CONTROL YUAN, TAIWAN | Control Yuan welcomes FIO President and Dominican Ombudsman Pablo Ulloa for Special Address

The Control Yuan was honored to host the distinguished President of the Federación Iberoamericana del Ombudsperson (FIO) and Ombudsman of the Dominican Republic, Mr. Pablo Ulloa, along with his delegation, for a special address and visit on 18 October 2023. This visit holds significant importance, marking President Ulloa’s first return visit to Taiwan since 2017.

In his welcoming remarks, Vice President of the CY Lee Hung-chun highlighted that FIO serves as a major platform for communication among ombudsman offices and national human rights commissions in Latin America. The CY has actively participated as an observer in FIO’s annual meetings since 1999, attending a total of 23 meetings to date, and in 2020, an agreement of cooperation was signed remotely between the CY and FIO. Furthermore, since taking office, CY Members have attended international conferences in Mexico and Colombia for two consecutive years, showcasing our commitment to international cooperation and dialogue.

The Control Yuan has maintained longstanding and profound friendships with ombudsman offices, supervisory bodies, and national human rights commissions in Latin American countries. Our shared vision for promoting good governance and ongoing collaboration in the fields of oversight and human rights work will continue to be at the forefront of our cooperation.

President Ulloa delivered a keynote address on “The Role and Function of the Ombudsman as a Facilitator of National Harmony and Coordination.” His speech emphasized the vital role of oversight and national human rights institutions in promoting human rights, civic participation, and resolving societal conflicts. Ombudsman institutions serve as critical bridges of communication between government bodies and citizens. President Ulloa also shared the influence of FIO in mediating and preventing conflicts and the successful experiences of the Dominican Ombudsman’s Office in mediation and negotiation.

Following the special address, several members of the audience posed questions to President Ulloa regarding his tenure as the Dominican Ombudsman, the challenges he faced, and his future priorities. They also inquired about the strategies employed by ombudsman offices before their establishment, the experiences of President Ulloa in dealing with threats, and the assistance provided by FIO. The discussion further explored the ways in which ombudsman offices cultivate “community leaders” to better understand the needs of the public.


Source: The Control Yuan, Taiwan

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