HUNGARY | Commissioner for Fundamental Rights conducts on-site inspection at Kalocsa children’s home

Based on the information that appeared in the press, as well as warnings from some of the MPs, with regard to the gravity of the concerns, Ombudsman Dr Ákos Kozma launched an ex officio inquiry into the operation of the Kalocsa Children’s Home, Primary School and Vocational School of the Special Children’s Home Centre, Primary School and Vocational School of the Ministry of Human Capacities, in order to clarify the circumstances.

As part of the proceedings, the experts working with the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights paid an unannounced visit and conducted an on-site inspection at the children’s home on 4 February 2021, in the course of which interviews were conducted with several children and staff members, and records of the conditions at the institution were taken.

The Commissioner for Fundamental Rights will provide information on the experience gained at the on-site inspection, the conclusions drawn regarding the operation of the children’s home, the enforcement of the fundamental rights of the children residing in the institution in the form of a report, when the ex officio procedure is closed.


Source: Office of the Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Hungary


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