CHINA | Commissioner Chan Tsz King Meets Prosecutor Delegation of Indonesia

On 3 November 2023, the Commissioner Against Corruption, Chan Tsz King, met with the visiting prosecutor delegation of Indonesia at the headquarters of the CCAC to exchange views on law enforcement work related to anti-corruption criminal cases, etc.

During the meeting, the CCAC introduced to the delegation the history and functions of the CCAC, types of corruption crimes in the laws of Macao, case investigation procedures and measures and some cases that were previously investigated by the CCAC, among others. The Consul of the Legal Affairs Section of the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Hong Kong, Raymond Ali introduced the anti-corruption work of Indonesia and the handling of criminal cases by the procuratorial organs of Indonesia, etc.

Other participants from the CCAC included the Deputy Commissioner Against Corruption cum Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Ao Ieong Seong, the Chief of the Cabinet, Chan In Chio, the Advisors, Fong Pak Ian and Wong Hio Nam, and the Chief of Investigation Department 2 of the Anti-Corruption Bureau, Lei Tong Leong. The representatives from the prosecutor delegation of Indonesia included the Head of Section of Monitoring and Evaluation of Legal Regulation at Bureau of Legal and International Affairs, Yuris Rawando, the Head of Section of Crimes involving Narcotics and Other Addictive Substance at High Prosecution Office of Special Capital Region of Jakarta, Setyo Adhi Wicaksono, and the Head of Section of Evaluation and Reporting at Directorate on Civil Affairs cum Deputy Attorney General on Civil and State Administrative Affairs, Nindya Asih Martha Utami.


Source: The Office of the Commissioner Againts Corruption, Macao, China

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